home staging

(hōm stey-jing)

“the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. the goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby, selling a property more swiftly & for more money.”

yes, a very sterile definition of the words “home staging”, but we all know there’s a lot of emotion involved when selling your home. you have memories attached to everything & it's often hard to look at the place where your life happened & be objective about how it appears to others, especially to the eyes of critical buyers. living in a house that’s on the market is also very stressful. it's nearly impossible to live comfortably in a “showing ready” home. then, of course, there’s the financial concerns, “how much will it actually sell for?”.

home staging really addresses all of these issues. by having a fresh set of objective eyes look at your home & advise you on what needs to be done, you can be sure you’re presenting the house in a way that will appeal to the largest number of people. my advice will always be based on current trends in what people are looking for when buying a home. another consideration is that staging your home is often less expensive than a price reduction, a common practice when a house is on the market too long.

while staging may seem like a lot of work, it doesn’t have to be. you can decide how much or how little you want to do. you may want to do all of the work yourself, just parts of it or you may decide to turn everything over to me. the choice is always yours. but the one choice you shouldn’t make is to not stage at all. report after report shows that staging your home will help sell it quicker & for more money than an unstaged house, these facts hold true in any market. by the way, did you know that the cost of home staging can be used as a tax deduction from the profits you’ll receive from selling your staged home? so take the opportunity to create a striking first impression & let me help make that happen!

interior design

(in-ˈtir-ē-ər dəˈzīn)

"the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building."

i think the operative word here is “art”..... sure, decorating a room is a process, but it’s when a room is beautifully decorated, reflects the owner’s personality & doesn’t look contrived, that’s when it becomes an "art". mixing the old with the new & putting together a room that looks like it has evolved over time is my passion. i love talking through what a homeowner likes & doesn’t like, getting to know their personality, seeing how they live & incorporating all of that information into their design. when I finish a project i want them to feel like they have a brand new room……that they’ve lived in forever. let me know if you’re ready to incorporate a little “art” into your home. as with staging, i’m happy to give you ideas & let you do the leg work, work with you or do the whole project myself. it’s always your decision.



"to make a revision in the appearance or function of a room."

this is such a great concept! i love this idea so much because it opens the door to so many possibilities for so little money. redesign involves using as many of your existing pieces as possible, moving items from other rooms, rearranging art on the walls, adding a few pops of a new color & even painting, all of which creates a space that feels fresh & new. oh, about painting...never underestimate the power of a little fresh paint! it's probably the single most effective & inexpensive way to change the mood or personality of a room. while painting does require more work than just rearranging furniture, it packs a real punch for your efforts & it’s something that almost anyone can do themselves, if they want to. if not, it’s easy to line up a painter that can get the job done quickly for you. when you hear yourself say “i am so tired of looking at this room!”, give me a call & let’s see if there isn’t something we can do with what you already have……you may be very surprised!



to arrange or order things so that they can be found or used easily & quickly.

sounds simple, right? it should be, but how many of us have decided we need to organize something or someplace only to get distracted because the project feels overwhelming? that feeling comes from not being able to organize our thoughts & when that happens how can we be expected to organize our closets? that’s when it really pays to have an objective advisor come in & make sense of what you’re trying to do. i can ask the questions that you don’t even know need to be asked. such as “when was the last time i used this?…do i still like it?…do i still need it?…will i ever use it again?…does it even fit anymore?” yes, tough questions, & yet it’s even tougher to come up with honest answers. emotions run high in these situations & that’s why you need someone that understands the sadness or even the fear of parting with things, someone that can help you give more objective answers to those questions.

having too much stuff, as much as you think you love it, can become an emotional burden. once the process is started & you see & feel the results of having only the things you really want or need & all those things have a place, the excitement will motivate you to organize your entire home. imagine having less clutter to clean, more space to live in & moreover, the feeling of being on top again with more time to enjoy life. so whether it’s because you want to put your house up for sale, or the kids have gone off to college or you’re just plain tired of the emotional burden of too much stuff, call me. i can thoughtfully guide you through the process of sorting & eliminating the unnecessary things that are weighing you down & give you the freedom & efficiency of an organized home!



to go to someone for advice, to ask for the professional opinion of someone, to talk about something with someone in order to make a decision

sometimes this is all you need to get the process started. whether it's staging your home to sell, designing or redesigning a space you're tired of or just some organizing that needs to be done, you may only need to talk through some ideas with someone & i'd be happy to help. tell me what you're thinking, let me make some suggestions, help with a to-do list, ask a few questions you may not have asked yourself & help you come up with a plan to accomplish your goal. once you start the work, you may find you need a little input along the way. if so, let me know, i'll stop back to see how you're doing & help you move forward with as much or as little guidance as you want. i look forward to hearing from you, it'll be fun!

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