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this is an example of a long distance relationship i had with a condo in florida. the owner spends her winters there & wanted to redecorate as her project one year. she took photos of the rooms & sent them to me in wilmington. i came up with general design ideas, color, layout, etc. & texted them back to her. she would then send measurements from the room we were working on & i would send her the specifics, such as pictures of the style of furniture that was needed as well as rugs, wall art & accessories. she would spend her days shopping, sending photos for my approval & organizing the labor while i continued to design the next room. we worked this way through the winter.  by the time spring had arrived the only project left was the refacing & repositioning of the kitchen cabinets, which we are currently finishing. one aspect i'm really happy with are the shutter "windows" shown in the first set of photos.  that is an inside wall with a condo on the other side. to create a more open feeling i had two sets of shutters custom made with frames.  before they were installed i had two mirrors cut to size & hung on the wall in place.  the shutters were then hung over the mirrors & we had two "windows" reflecting the light from the real windows across the room! the room opened up dramatically. the project was great fun & i really honed my long distance, on line design techniques! this is how the living & dining areas turned out...more photos to come on this project!

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living room

living/dining area


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