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with the exception of the kitchen, which we are working on now, i’ve transformed this entire home from top to bottom.  there are still details we are working on & more photos to be taken, but it’s coming along nicely & i wanted to share with you where we are at this point.  here’s some of what we’ve done……..

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living room

as you can see in the first photo this living room, while architecturally beautiful, had become dated & there was no warmth or personality. the windows & light were wonderful, but harsh & without much style. by using more dramatic paint colors & treating all of the window spaces as one, i was able to make the room cozier without sacrificing any of the drama. yes, those are 21' curtain panels that i had custom made!  because of the height, i created a special design at the top of the panels that would allow them to always hang evenly. there is a connecting home on the other side of the wall so no windows. by hanging three oversized mirrors i was able to open up the wall & reflect light back into the other end of the room. to try to unify the two different walls i designed the mantel with matching upper & lower shelves & had them built & installed by a local woodworker. i feel they tie the two walls together nicely. the oversized coffee table was a vintage dining room table that i had cut down to the proper height. it was the only way to get the extreme size & shape i wanted. i kept everything light & low so the beautiful river view was still the main focal point. adding furniture to create comfortable sitting areas as well as some fun things to look at finished off the space.

powder room

by installing an alligator embossed red wall paper & painting the remaining walls a rich brown, this powder room went from a boring beige box to high drama! a wooden wall hanging that i found on line was cut apart & used to create a sense of privacy. i removed the center panel, cut it to size & hung it horizontally from the ceiling to give the two vertical panels some context. i added a second piece of wood to the top of the half-wall to make it more substantial & covered them in a left over piece of wallpaper. the design element in this room that seems to get the most attention is the extra rolls of toilet paper that i wrapped in animal print tissue & piled in a basket!

loft space

this wonderful loft that looks down over the living room was hardly ever used. by turning it into an inviting tv/office area it now gets plenty of use. there were no plans to redo the loft in the original budget, so i really had to create it on a shoestring. here’s the fun part i talked about earlier…..making items that were needed & couldn’t be sourced for the money i was allotted. the table under the tv is a kitchen cabinet, 8 boards & some bolts. by staining everything the same color & adding black lag bolts it turned out to be the perfect rustic entertainment center. the cabinet houses the equipment & the center back board was left out creating a channel in which to hide the necessary cords that had to run to the cabinet. another example of “fun” are the small side tables that are on either side of the two sofas. they started their lives as trash cans. i turned them upside down, cut two pieces of wood to fit what was now the top, stained them to match the tv cabinet & for very, very little money we had two unique side tables that fit perfectly in the space. the final piece was an old tv hutch that was no longer of any use. i gutted the insides & added pull-out shelves to accommodate all of the office necessities. once the doors are closed you have no idea what mess lurks behind them. by using two smaller rugs that I found on line i saved money & was able to suggest two separate spaces in one room. the curtains are inexpensive panels that i purchased in different colors to create a striped effect & tie in with the rugs. because of these cost effective ideas, we were able to spend more money on the floor lamps & comfy sofas from pottery barn. they added the needed richness to complete the space.

master bedroom suite

this is where it all started…….the homeowner wanted to redo the master bath but didn’t like the original designer’s ideas & was told that there was no room for a shower & a tub. she called me & asked if i would take a look at the room & see what i could do. with the amount of space she had to work with i could see no reason why she couldn’t have everything she wanted & still have a spacious & luxurious bathroom. i was able to give her not only a shower & a soaking tub, but a huge vanity & a dressing table. the door in the back goes to a laundry room. there are actually three doors in this bathroom. the entry, laundry room & closet door. i had all of them custom made with glass inserts so light from the other spaces would softly shine through & not create dark corners. the entire length of the shower wall is clad in 12” x 24” ann sacks glass tiles. we echoed that watery green color in the glass shower surround as well as the glass sink that the homeowner had already picked out. the floor tiles are also by ann sacks. the 24” floor squares line up with the wall tiles. the vanity & dressing table were made from stock drawers & custom made corian surrounds. i had the mirrors made to fit over the vanity & on the little wall behind the tub. they both reflect the light from the window on the opposite wall & open up that side of the room. the chandelier that we fell in love with didn’t meet code for hanging over a tub because it dangled too low. the homeowner cut & retied every crystal in order to make it work. that’s love! a large shower may have looked a little too large if it had been just a rectangle. by cutting off the corner & adding some angles it made the walkway seem much wider while not taking away from the space inside the shower. polished river pebbles in greens & tans cascade down the wall & over the shower floor. there was no time wasted in designing a bedroom that would continue the comfort & luxury that was the new bathroom. i started by creating a focal point that would be the wall & headboard. i had boards cut to size & painted the same color as the wall behind them. the headboard is boards stacked on top of the wall boards to give depth. i designed the bed, headboard & side tables & had them built & installed by a local wood worker. pendant lights provide light for reading & the bedside tables without cluttering the space. on the opposite wall i created a fireplace & hearth feel with the same boards used behind the bed. it houses the tv & a small working fireplace. i was excited to find a floor lamp that repeats the shape of the pendants over the bed. the homeowner could not have been happier with how this all turned out.


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